Caitlin Long

WyoHackathon 2019 Takeaways: Kids Rule, Hardware Wallets Fly and Wyoming Wins

Howdy from Laramie on the day after the Wyoming Blockchain Stampede ended! Here are a few highlights to go along with this short video (no sound). Enjoy it!

There’s so much more! Cardano unveiled a new version of Plutus, its smart contract programming language, at the developer conference. The SandCastle Invitational saw the road to Dubai 2020 begin in Wyoming. (Congrats to the SandCastle winner, Open Index Protocol! In a happy coincidence, Wyoming’s Teton County selected OIP for its land records pilot project, which began last year). And congrats to the SovereignKeep team, which won the “Best for Wyoming” competition by capitalizing on one of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force’s proposed laws for the upcoming legislative session–a law that would protect private keys from compelled disclosure in a criminal, civil or administrative proceeding in Wyoming. (A judge can, of course, still compel you to transfer assets if owe them, such as in a divorce settlement, etc). There was a loud cry of support for this idea from crypto Twitter, and I think the SovereignKeep team is right that passage of this law would attract cloud computing platforms to locate servers in Wyoming. None of us should ever forget that developers are the most important part of this ecosystem!!

See you at WyoHackathon 2020 next September in Laramie!