Blockchain, Cryptoassets & Pensions: The Coming Investment Wave

If you’re a pension fund looking at cryptoasset investing, here’s a link to a replay of my webinar hosted by the International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM). I lay out questions for pension fiduciaries to ask about their pension fund’s preparedness and why blockchain is so buyside-friendly–it solves financial market problems that have hurt pensioners. Enjoy! […]

No, You Don’t Really Own Your Securities

hat’s right. You think you own securities in your brokerage account, but you don’t.

A company you’ve probably never heard of, called Cede & Co., is the official owner of >99% of the securities outstanding in the U.S. What’s in your brokerage account is probably an I.O.U. See the fine print.

Pensions: Ugh, Again?!

Dear Corporate Pension Plan Sponsors,

Pensions are again climbing up the list of priorities for corporate treasurers, as the funded status of defined-benefit pension plans is once again within spitting distance of all-time lows. Funded status dropped during Q2 2016 by about 2% to the mid-70s on a percentage basis for the average S&P 500 plan.

What Comes Next for Pension Plan Sponsors?

Dear Corporate Pension Plan Sponsors,

With the first quarter of 2016 ending, the agenda of corporate treasurers has four items pertaining to the defined-benefit pension plans you sponsor:  (1) another decline in funded status, (2) higher PBGC premiums starting to bite, (3) return of debt-funded pension contributions in the market, and (4) capital structure scenario planning, as negative interest rates appeared in more countries around the world during Q1.