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Settlement Risks in Crypto/Legacy Hybrid Instruments–Part 2


Framework for Understanding Blockchain’s Next Chapter: Hybrid Financial Instruments (Part 1)

The World Needs More Systemic Thinkers
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The “R” and “C” Words Enter the Vocabulary of Bitcoin Enthusiasts


Cryptocurrencies and Enterprise Blockchain, Caitlin Long
Racing to Fix Wall Street: ICE, Cryptocurrencies and Enterprise Blockchain


ICE Creating New Cryptocurrency Market: A Double-Edged Sword


ICE Creating New Cryptocurrency Market
Is Financialization a Double-Edged Sword for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?


ICOs, IPOs, Cryptos Disrupt Investment Banks, Caitlin Long
ICOs were 45% of IPOs in Q2 2018, as Cryptos Disrupt Investment Banks


Supreme Court And Digital Privacy: Should Blockchain Companies Challenge The Bank Secrecy Act

Supreme Court and Digital Privacy: Should Blockchain Companies Challenge the Bank Secrecy Act?

Blockchain to Fix Money and Capital Markets, Caitlin Long
Using Blockchain to Fix Money and Capital Markets


6 Facts Institutional Investors Should Know About Crypto, Caitlin Long

6 Facts Institutional Investors Should Know About Crypto


Wyoming’s Blockchain Bills: A Very Personal Labor of Love 

10 Observations from Satoshi Roundtable

A Haven for Blockchain: The Case for Wyoming

Bitcoin and the Blockchain Will Stomp Out Wall Street Fraud: ReasonTV


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Welcome to my blog!  Here’s my background:

  • Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, gubernatorial appointee, 2018-present
  • Former chairman & president of Symbiont (2016-2018), which was named to Forbes Fintech 50 in 2018
  • MarketsMedia Women in Finance Award for Excellence in Blockchain 2016
  • Inc. list of 10 business leaders changing the world through tech in 2016
  • Institutional Investor list of most influential people in pensions (“Pension 40”):  2015, 2014, and 2013
  • Bitcoin evangelist since 2012; served on Morgan Stanley’s internal blockchain working group (2014-2016)
  • 22 years of corporate finance experience, 1994-2016 (Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Salomon Brothers); Managing Director 2001-2016
  • Started & ran 3 successful businesses in pensions and insurance; was a top-rated equity research analyst; worked directly for the co-CEOs
  • Numerous publications, press and speaking engagements (examples:  WSJ, FT, CNBC, II Journal)
  • Harvard Law School (JD, 1994), Kennedy School of Government (MPP, 1994), University of Wyoming (BA, 1990)

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