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Jul 5 2016

Interview: Blockchains, Wall St & Economics

Howdy folks! I recently gave two interviews about the financial ...
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Jun 30 2016

Blockchains for Corporate CFOs & Treasurers: Interview with CFO of Seagate Technology

2016 seems to be the year of “enterprise blockchain.” Last ...
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Jun 29 2016

Commentary on FSOC’s Annual Report: Respecfully, It Missed Something Big

The Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) released its annual report ...
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Jun 12 2016

Central Banks Can’t Ignore Blockchain’s Obvious Lure

Article originally appeared at American Banker’s BankThink on June 10, ...
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Jun 6 2016

Bitcoin in the Fed’s Boardroom, and Musings About Progress

Holy cow, what a whirlwind! Here are some amazing happenings ...
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Is Bitcoin the New Blockchain?

May 24 2016

Is Bitcoin the New Blockchain???

“Bitcoin is the new blockchain”—Andreas Antonopoulos, via twitter, April 12, ...
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​​Why Financial Regulators Are Warming to Blockchains

Apr 22 2016

​​Why Financial Regulators Are Warming to Blockchains—And Rightfully So

Financial industry regulators around the world are beginning to embrace ...
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Apr 7 2016

Game Changer

Blockchains = game changer. Imagine with me, as you read ...
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