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Caitlin Long


ICE Creating New Cryptocurrency Market: A Double-Edged Sword

Just as I was working on the last of the ...
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Is Financialization a Double-Edged Sword for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

Here’s my latest post on — the second of a 3-part ...
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ICOs Were 45% Of IPOs In Q2 2018, As Cryptos Disrupt Investment Banks

Here’s my latest post on — the first of a 3-part ...
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Supreme Court and Digital Privacy: Should Blockchain Companies Challenge the Bank Secrecy Act?

Digital privacy law experts predict a flood of litigation testing ...
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6 Facts Institutional Investors Should Know About Crypto

Last evening I had the honor to give a keynote ...
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Using Blockchain to Fix Money and Capital Markets–Speech to Mises “Future of Money” San Fran, 5/19/18

Speech available here.Outline of the speech + slides, which contain links ...
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Wyoming’s Blockchain Bills: A Very Personal Labor of Love

Wow. Wyoming just did something very big. Its legislature just ...
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A Ray of Hope for Utility Tokens–CoinDesk

Hi folks — CoinDesk published this on February 27, and ...
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10 Observations from Satoshi Roundtable

Observations from this year’s Satoshi Roundtable — a small event attended by ...
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A Haven for Blockchain: The Case for Wyoming

It great pleasure to work on this project for my ...
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Bitcoin/blockchain, ex-Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, 22-year Wall Street veteran.


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