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Mar 4 2019

What Do Wyoming’s Blockchain Laws Mean?

Wyoming has now enacted a total of 13 blockchain-enabling laws, ...
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Feb 4 2019

Wyoming Blockchain Update (2/3/19): Halfway Through

Motto for the University of Wyoming. Photo by Caitlin Long ...
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blurb of a published blockchain article by Caitlin

Jan 21 2019

Are Crypto Lending And Institutional Custody Good For Crypto? First Principles

One network effect necessary for Bitcoin and other crypto assets ...
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Nov 20 2018

Settlement Risks In Crypto/Legacy Hybrid Instruments: Part 2

Note: this post is not investment advice and is for ...
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Nov 17 2018

Framework for Understanding Blockchain’s Next Chapter: Hybrid Finanical Instruments (Part 1)

Note: this post is not investment advice and is for ...
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Oct 23 2018

The World Needs More Systemic Thinkers

Here is a text of my speech to honors students ...
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Sep 20 2018

Blockchain, Cryptoassets & Pensions: The Coming Investment Wave

If you’re a pension fund looking at cryptoasset investing, here’s ...
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Aug 21 2018

Two Things That Don’t Mix Well: Bitcoin Rehypothecation and Chain Forks

My latest on is here! Chain forks and rehypothecated bitcoins don’t ...
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The “R” And “C” Words

Aug 13 2018

The “R” And “C” Words Enter the Vocabulary of Bitcoin Enthusiasts

The “R” and “C” words, rehypothecation and commingling, are as ...
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Racing to Fix Wall Street

Aug 8 2018

Racing to Fix Wall Street: ICE, Cryptocurrencies and Enterprise Blockchain

Last of the 3-part series on is available here! The race to ...
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Bitcoin/blockchain, ex-Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, 22-year Wall Street veteran.


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